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Added by Elite Ground Support Services Ltd on 24/06/2022

Review: The Asylum

Lydia had been doing my hair well over 5 years now and I have followed her each time she’s moved. On this occasion I asked for a copper brown and Lydia suggested yes with some blonde and red highlights to keep it summery. As my hair was curled to leave the salon I didn’t notice till it had gone straight that the blonde had a large chunk in the left side and right side looked completely different. Also if I tied it up it was stripy. I contacted Lydia to which she would only sort the problem out if I used an appointment that my daughter was booked in for or wait a month. The night before I even sent pics (same ones I’d originally sent) saying this is what I wanted (I do understand that you can’t get it exactly like pics)but when I arrived she asked where my daughter was and told me the colour I wanted was at home. So she said she would mix red with a brown. At this point all I wanted was for it to be sorted one way or another. As the appointment wasn’t long enough for a colour I left with my conditioner in and blow dried it at home. It wasn’t what I wanted but covered the very noticeable odd sides. After a couple of weeks I was back to odd sides as it wasn’t permanent. I do understand reds fade but having two sides so different is shocking. The money I spent was just wasted. I worked hard to save up to treat myself. To say I am upset and very disappointed is an understatement I have supported Lydia for years. I will not be returning.

Reviewed by sharon smith on 30/05/2022

Review: Lincs Mot & Recovery Ltd

Brought a car from alpha car supermarket. Mot was run by this company. Failed on head lights and other things. Driving home the day after failure, noticed my headlights weren’t going on. No bulbs or connection. Despite putting it as a fail, they passed it anyways and I had to stop driving due to no lights. Unbelievable. Do not under any circumstances, use this centre. Passing cars that have major issues with for the quick money.

Reviewed by Jade Toombs on 19/05/2022

Review: Gary Starr Productions Ltd

Very disappointing, we paid well over £900.00 for a pantomime in December. What a let down, we have had shows in the past from other companies and I guess we set our standards to them shows. Gary Starr Pantomimes, not lighting equipment, not change of scenery, just a main printed back ground and two advertising pull up banners. As I said the other companies have up to three different scene changes, music and PA system and lighting special effects. Do not waste your money on Gary Starr Pantomimes, if you can get hold of some additional funding use others. These are not value for money and when I wrote to tell them, they did not even acknowledge my concern.

Reviewed by james patefield on 05/01/2022

Review: Oasis Grill Bar

Website says it is open but they are not open yet. Waisted money on petrol driving here. Ruined day out for me and kids.

Reviewed by Kels Walker on 03/01/2022

Review: Arrival Press

Very disappointed with the lack of communication. I have at least 5 poems and I haven’t received any royalties.

Reviewed by Nicola Summers on 27/11/2021

Review: Eden Landscapes

their work is totaly profesional, except I have heard of one customer who was suing them ? But I don't see any such bad Reviews anywhere? I understand 3 non family employees have recently left them due to not getting paid for doing ground work, one disgruntled self employed worker said that they had a truck on finance and it was reposesed? This is a stark contrast with the professional quality of work they produce, he also said that as far as he is aware Mr Bizzley has changed his name 5 times and moved all around the country at some time or another? Its serially not the Gentlemanly persona and appearance local people seem to have of him,as a devout model religious believer who regularly attends church, clearly if its true there are two sides to this, and that would worry me intensely, he's very short and shrift in contrast to his public persona, one could consider it sounds like a professional con man. its certainly a different perspective I've never seen.

Reviewed by Caroline Pearson on 29/10/2021

Review: Rolver Oak Boarding Kennels

Silver Oak were a great find. They have really good facilities and made Hansel really welcome. I worry about him a lot as he has allergies but they took excellent care of him and listened to me drinking in about him! Thank you and I will be visiting again

Reviewed by Amanda Tune on 02/06/2021